Hello readers!

I have received numerous comments on my previous blog posts asking questions about my website. I will be taking the time to answer some of these questions in today’s blog.

For my website, I use WordPress through Godaddy.com. I have found this is a good way to go for beginners wanting to get started. I have not had any issues with WordPress or GoDaddy, so I would 100% recommend both of these sites.

On my website I use the theme “Werkstatt”,  it is perfect to showcase my portfolio, photography, and Blog. If you’re just starting out, I recommend purchasing a theme rather than using a free one. Free themes seem to have more problems than solutions and don’t allow you to customize them fully.

I received a comment asking me about my thoughts on movable type, so to answer your question, I really enjoy it. I feel that movable type is eye-catching, and allows your website to stand out more, if done in an appropriate manner.  

Lastly, I do not use a plugin to sort through my comments. I enjoy reading all the comments I receive and just send the spam comments to the trash bin. I hope this helps everyone looking to start their own website or blog. I look forward to hearing your questions in the future.  

(Also, the picture featured on this post is one I took, and really enjoy, so I thought I’d share it here.)

Thank you for visiting my site!

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